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Where to Invade Next

Where to Invade Next is a compelling documentary on the need for discussion and change within American social, work, and governmental systems. The film’s title is a tongue-in-cheek name based on America’s world reputation for leading the charge against rival nations. It is Michael Moore’s latest documentary about the rest of the world and how America compares to it.

Throughout the film, Moore ‘invades’ other countries to learn what ideas they may have to offer the United States. As the narrator and director, he investigates the ideas that Europe has regarding social issues such as healthcare, education, paid leave and vacation, sex education, decriminalisation of drugs, and even cafeteria food. Through these discussions, Where to Invade Next highlights some of the ideologies existing in American culture that may need an extreme overhaul to keep up with modern society.

Year: 2015

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  • MissConception

    47:15 “I just met with the president of Slovakia” <—- It's SLOVENIA!!!

  • MissConception

    1:32:42 “I personally tell my wife to cover her head” <— Did you catch that? Hmhmm

  • Frank Dalla

    It’s a difficult disease to avoid this “Me-Itus.” Giving and caring for other’s in America when one lives on the verge of poverty, barely making it from month to month with only “Top Ramen” as the savior and total food supply. Nobody cares, even when told the truth, they think you are lying. Because there are people who’s wealth is such that their imagination dis-allows believing that Americans are not all living lives without stress and well being. We’re all supposed to be sick. That’s what rules the mentality. So health care and going to Mars with the force of trillions of dollars worth of military might and the mentality to make the World bend to our desires has the front line. People are the modern day slaves of society unless they can get the opportunity to climb above destitution and poverty. But that’s how many of us live, and that’s what keeps us helpless and diseased with Me-Itus. How can I do for you when I cannot help myself? Where is my bail-out money?

    • Extreme selfishness is our biggest problem here in the States. Poverty and social injustice has existed since our country was formed, but we can’t address it and try to make positive change until people start caring about each other and the big picture instead of saying, “I’m doing okay. Nothing’s happened to me…blah…blah…blah.” We should have impeached GW Bush back in the day, should have repealed the Patriot Act, should have addressed corporate greed, the military industrial and prison industrial complexes, etc., back then… Now, it seems the country has to fall apart and the majority of people need to suffer b4 they finally wake up… It’s sad but there seems to be nothing we can do to stop it now. We’re on a downward spiral…

  • Tomás Albuquerque Peixoto

    In Portugal drugs aren’t legal, they are just decriminalized. Instead of getting a criminal record, you get help to get off the drug usage.