When Will Humans Live on Mars?

The Earth will not exist for ever, whether it’s destruction is brought about by climate change, an apocalyptic asteroid, or some other disaster. However, we are now in the midst of a new space race between explorers seeking to capitalise on Mars. The hope is that as these entrepreneurs seek to profit from the colonisation of Mars, humanity will find a way to achieve this goal.

Year: 2014

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  • Frank Dalla

    Great, so planet Earth dies… But wait! All we need do is transport everything salvageable to an already dead planet, perhaps we can take some atmosphere with us in aerosol cans and spray it around Mars, but then won’t the Solar Winds just blow it away? There is no Magnetosphere on Mars, or anything else but Radiation for that matter. There are a few more billion years for continued life on Earth, unless that is, we succeed in destroying the livable environment that made our thriving population possible. Science has had fifty years to find a planet we can survive on, and they can’t. People will die on Mars, no matter how hopeful NASA or our Pineapple President are. And Mars is smaller than Earth to begin with, I suppose we can wreck it faster… There is no reason when it comes to the Space Nuts. They’ve watched too much TV and Movies. It’s great to be hopeful, but not at twenty BILLION dollars a year, and nothing but pictures to show for it. My opinion is not popular because it’s reasonable, responsible, and truthful. And oh yes, there have been wonderful things developed as a result of space research, and NASA wants us to pay for the same things over and over. It’s the standard argument. It’s time to face the fact that Space isn’t in the cards for Humanity, so we had better be fixing our only known life supporting planet, Earth…