The Mission to Resurrect the Woolly Mammoth

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South Korean scientists are currently working to resurrect the extinct woolly mammoth by cloning the DNA of a well preserved specimen discovered in the Siberian snow. The hope is to find intact cells from the carcass of this 40,000 year old frozen mammoth, which could then be used to modify the genome of the its closest living relative, the Asian elephant, to match that of a woolly mammoth. A surrogate Asian elephant would give birth to a hybrid woolly mammoth, which would then breed with other hybrids to produce an animal closely resembling the extinct mammoth.

VICE News travels to South Korea and Russia to learn about humanity’s mission to clone the legendary woolly mammoth.

Year: 2015

Category: Science
  • Frank Dalla

    Another race for riches, completely driven by greed. It’s a shame that they can’t clone clean drinking water, and nutritional food to feed the already too numerous humans on this planet. This research is worthless to a population that has doomed it’s self to extinction by destroying the only place capable of supporting life that we know of. Planet Earth. The research money would be better spent seeking out the “Stupid” gene in the human Geno, and removing it…Money will be worthless when everyone is dead…