The Jihadis Next Door

The Jihadis Next Door follows and challenges the behaviour of Islamic extremists preaching their message in Britain. One of the most memorable individuals is Abu Rumaysah, a former bouncy-castle salesman whose journey into the heart of Isis leads him to become one of the world’s most wanted men.

Over the course of two years filmmaker Jamie Roberts meets several characters spreading dangerous extremism, portraying it from perspectives that are rarely shown. There are bone-chilling moments such as the scene where the film’s subjects laugh when shown a violent Isis video depicting human torture. Roberts himself says he was torn at showing this kind of thing on film, but ultimately decided it was important to display the motives of such people to understand the threat they pose. The Jihadis Next Door offers a thought-provoking look at a much talked-about subject in today’s world.

Year: 2016

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  • robinson


  • Kandanada

    One of the subjects of this video is one of the London terrorists. He was so extreme he was followed around by a Channel 4 film crew and was well known to police. The police investigated him for almost a year but decided to take no action.

    Now look what he’s done.

    You couldn’t make it up.

    • ramissin

      Fuck me sideways, the police allow people with views like this to freely walk the streets? When this comes out things are going to kick off big time.

  • Malcolm Graves

    how to win with terrorists:
    1. ban islam
    3. profit
    4. there wasn’t point 2.

  • zerothehero

    Fucking lunatics , the fact they are allowed to go into our streets and preach this bullshit is beyond reason

  • Jamal

    I am a Muslim, I do not understand how these cockroaches are allowed to roam the streets. That is not Islam. They do more harm then good.

    • loveUnitesHateKills

      Thank you jamal! It’s important that people learn not to blame the whole community/religion, but the extremists instead. It doesn’t matter what people believe in. But what they do out of their beliefs. There are Christian extremists, as there are islamic social workers… As long as we’re afraid of each other, the extremist groups will grow.. On both sides..
      Cheers from an European, whose dad is a Christian and the mom a Muslim.

    • Deepseek

      Yes Jamal you are right but you should also understand that these people draw their sustenance from same texts that a peaceful person like you follows. How is that happening? Now while people in most religions have come to realise that EVERYTHING that is written in their religious texts is not correct and not to be taken seriously and have consciously gone to reform, refine or ignore the (apparently) violent, prejudicial and illogical parts the same unfortunately is not true in case of Islam. Quran, which too has such violent and prejudicial contents, is taken literally and completely to be true and regarded as immutable. Further Islam is not only considered to be a religious faith but a complete “the only way to live” that dictates everything from Politics to Economics, to Dietetics to Jurisprudence and Dressage etc. valid for all times and places, (without exceptions) requiring complete adherence. Mohammedans generally at a larger social level have still (except may be by Kamal Ataturk in Turkey) not been able to address and resolve this issue due to which certain elements are able to misconstrue and misuse these texts. The prevailing (in fact historically ever present) injustice and underdevelopment in vast parts of world typically provides breeding ground for spread of such violent tendencies and brings us to the sorry situation today.

  • biana

    Great job, Jamie Roberts. A really impressive study of what these extremists believe, and what they’re doing. It’s shocking stuff.

  • DeplorableVI

    Whoever financed and glorified this should be looked at.

  • Ahmend Bobby

    Please lock these twat up problem solved