The Choice is Ours

The Choice is Ours portrays an optimistic outlook of the world where we utilise science and technology for the benefit of humankind and the planet. It explores the myth behind ‘human nature’ and demonstrates that inherent social structures shape human behaviour and values.

The film argues that the global monetary system has become obsolete and unable to satisfy the acute needs and demands of most of the people on this planet. As a solution to this problem, it showcases a future world where the latest inventions of science and technology are applied for the benefit of the environment and its residents.

The Choice is Ours reveals that media, banking, and criminal justice systems have become tools of social control managed by the elite. Next, it proposes solutions that can be applied to eliminate the usage of non-renewable energy sources. Finally, it concludes with the positive vision of redesigning our existing culture and world in a way that will facilitate a higher standard of living, protect the environment, and free people from debt.

Year: 2015

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  • Frank Dalla

    The race between saving our environment, and ultimately life on earth, and trying to leave Earth for another planet that has not been found is spectacular entertainment. Space is so hostile, and the distances so vast, as well as the fact that no other planet ever examined has shown any possibility that life without the support of the earth’s resources is even remotely possible. What the hell will it take for the dreamer’s to accept that there is nothing out there, and we should focus on saving what we can of whats left of our only home, planet Earth. What we are performing is complete planetary suicide, and even NASA can’t stop it. In fact they are the greatest instigators at the present time.