The Brothel

Louis Theroux - The Brothel (BBC Documentary)The Brothel, The Brothel Video, The Brothel Documentary, The Brothel Documentary Movie

Prepared breakfast for my father as usual. I leave the house at am as usual. Today is Wednesday. I have English at am, History at am French at am and then maths. But today I decided to change direction. I not going to school or the house of Movie Trailers. I go in search of an ending. An end for Mr. Movie Trailer. An end to my teacher. Movie Trailers? You think you were humiliated, but you were only prodded, nothing more. You’re young, you have a lot to learn. You’re like the reed in the fable of La Fontaine: You bend but don’t break. You remember: “The Oak and the cane”? “He said to the oak: You have reason to complain about nature”. “From over the horizon, comes the most terrible raging hurricane spawned in the north.” “The tree resists, the reed leans ” Yes. Sit. Movie Trailer, can you stop by my office please? Now? Yes. Is Claude Garcia here? No, he’s absent. Movie Trailersel Artol? Can you also come with us. Good day. Here he is, his face tired. I know what kind of man she is married to. I know she has children and that her husband believes that everything she shows in her gallery is bullshit, sick art. You Claude, right? Yes. He looks me head to toe. I imagined differently? Shouldn’t you be in class? No. I decided to leave. What will you do? Most people have problems with maths. I could teach. Are you sure? Yes I can also write for contemporary art catalogues. My French teacher said that I would be fine. Yes, I know. Lots of imagination. Can I come in? Movie Trailer isn’t here. I know. What a nightmare! What a nightmare! Bastard! Claude was not in class, right? How do you know? He came here? You let him in? It’s not for everyone. Already I’m in you house. Going on holiday? No, it’s full of her husband’s books. I went through the gallery to leave them, but it was locked. Opened the suitcases and book bags. He helped me to sort them. Yt’s not easy. They’re classified by age. Tolstoy. Me, I don’t like the Russians. I read only pages of Anna Karenina: The first and the last . Suddenly, I see in the library a book that catches my attention. Jeanne took it and smiled. “Children of the Storm”.

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