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Sicko is a documentary by filmmaker Michael Moore that takes an in depth look at how the state of healthcare in the United States is harming its citizens. A combination of personal interviews, discussions with healthcare workers, and historical recordings of politicians shows the origins and consequences of the nation’s decisions.

In order to make its points, Sicko goes all the way back to the 1950s, and shows that universal healthcare was seen as a communist ideal. However, in modern times, the lack of universal healthcare in the United States has crippled the nation’s growth. The movie supports these claims by contrasting United States healthcare with the free, government-subsidised healthcare in France, Canada, the United Kingdom. This detailed and touching documentary makes a compelling argument against the privatised system of healthcare that is causing so many problems in the modern United States.

Year: 2007

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  • Eric K

    It is an old documentary but still leaves lots in mind. The American health and education system needs radical changes. Currently, there are lots of third world nations offering free education and affordable medical care to its citizens while the supposedly greatest nation in the world had its future leaders languishing in student loans and healthcare.

  • kathelleen

    I think the health insurance is what needs control by the government. the price gouging needs to stop! Just the whole scope of the health insurance has to be looked at. and how is Canada different than US? And why would USA want it.

  • kathelleen

    48:3, but how long did he had to wait for the surgery to get repaired compare to the other Canadians.

  • Juci Shockwave

    This documentary is as relevant today as it was upon the year it was released. Truly a must watch video, but be warn some scenes will make you cry deeply. However, its message is a must to see, hear and voice.