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Meat the Truth

Although many films have alerted the public to the issue of climate change, most have ignored one of its most important causes: rapid livestock production. Presented by Dutch MP Marianne Thieme, the leader of the Party for the Animals, Meat the Truth points out the fact that livestock farming creates more worldwide greenhouse gas emissions than that of cars, lorries, boats, trains and planes combined.

Year: 2008

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  • Frank Dalla

    The real and undeniable source of virtually every problem facing humanity is overpopulation. When you ask why we have so many problems here on Earth, each and every one can be tied to the increase in population. We have literally screwed ourselves out of the possibility for continued life on Earth. Not only for ourselves, but also for every other living creature on the planet. Nobody is banging on the drum for this view, it’s a difficult and most likely unsolvable problem to address. But it is the real problem, and why our civilizations will eventually fail. As a species our intelligence has been overcome by stupidity.