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Earthlings, narrated by Joaquin Phoenix, details the human use of animals in five specific areas: for food, clothing, entertainment, science, and as pets.

Director Shaun Monson uses hidden cameras to unveil the practices of puppy mills and pet stores, among other sites in which humans interact with animals in a for-profit manner. Monson attempts to expose human exploitation of animal abuse in what many consider to be sights from everyday life.

Earthlings does not shy away from grotesque imagery to detail how human dependency on animals can lead to abusive practices. The film, directed and produced by vegans, attempts to raise awareness of inhumane animal treatment by comparing such practices to human exploitation, such as sexism and racism.

Year: 2005

Category: Environment
  • Scott

    this film brings me to the question of how evolved are we as a species, exactly? We are granted dominion, but that comes with an intrinsic responsibility to be good sheperds, or so the rational man would think. yet here we are in this time of amazing technology, still gleefully disrespecting ourselves and all the species of Earth in a show of false bravado and “superiority”. WTF???

  • carltonT

    Having watched this documentary, I’m going to rethink my views on everything (food, clothing, consumer products, etc). Its a crime that for my comforts, others must suffer. . . . . .

  • Fanny J. Torres

    I was a vegetarian for 35 years. After watching this documentary, I went vegan the next day!

  • why?

    I cried? what have we become?

  • Michael Haywood

    Not convinced, this video is faked, will continue to eat delicious meat and fish. Yum, Yum

    • Nathan Edwards

      What makes you believe this video is fake? Do you not understand there are countless other documentaries out there expressing similar information? You should really look more into this. Visit one of these factory farms. See for yourself the reality in which mankind is creating for these innocent animals. I believe we are the worst plague ever to come to Earth.

    • Are you actually this dense?

      Clearly you’ve never been remotely involved in the bones of the food industry, lol. Only an uneducated idiot would think the mass scale we produce animal products is in any way humane. Sincerely, someone who know this basic shit since I was a child in an omnivorous family.

    • Rachel

      What about it are you thinking is fake?.. It is from undercover workers actually being there footage.. Not fake; it is real.

  • shyma

    We are so evil .. I cried and I hated myself for being a human!

  • Daisy Tsenkova

    Lool you dont have to be meateater to be cruel. Yes, we eat animals. Animals eat people. End of the story. The problem isnt in eating meat, but in people becoming stupid and cruel in everything.

    • Jojo

      Yeah,but it doesn’t help by eating meat,though? I know not all meat eaters are heartless,,but people have to wake the hell up.

  • Maurice Stewart

    I find this video alarming as well as interesting. I think a part of the problem is that humans that live in developed nations don’t understand the cruel nature of the world. We are repulsed by this in large measure because our daily lives creates the allusion that we are better then these other humans. Most of them live in poverty and develop a callous attitude for their work. Imagine if day in a day out it was your job, the only one that you can obtain, you would develop a carelessness due to the banality of it. Most of us don’t have to kill our food. If we did, we would have more compassion for animals. The world is just cruel by nature. We have to try and lessen the suffering of all creatures.

    • Jojo

      I am sorry,but that is no excuse. There are people who live in better off countries who do similar work who still have that attitude.

      • Maurice Stewart

        I understand your frustration. We can do better. I just think we feel this way because we really don’t have to kill our food or do this type of work to make a living. I think doing something like this on routine basis spurs apathy. But i5 in truth, we are all guilty. You and I are helping to destroy our ecology through the medium that we communicate. We drive cars that pollute or environment on roads that destroyed habbit. It’s not just food, but humans have harmed our entire ecology to make the planet to our liking. It’s not evil, but survival. The animal kingdom itself is evil. This does not mean that abuse to animals is okay. We can do better. But we as humans have to share the planet and move away from this industrialized way of living.

  • S Rebecca

    By an analogy with racism and sexism, he completely loses the audience by suggesting that humans are on the same level as other animals. Yes, we share the world…and are its dominate species.

  • S Rebecca

    Humanity’s interests do carry greater weight than other animals “interests” due to human superiority in so many ways. Human ingenuity and inventions make us superior;our ability to create, invent, heal, etc.

  • S Rebecca

    Its an insult to compare killing some cows, sheep, chickens to the intentional genocide, torture and slaughter of Jews, Gypsies, and others, Cows cant feel the humiliation that humans can.

  • VeganHannah

    I went vegan 6 months ago and watched this movie as inspiration… I will NEVER be able to forgive myself for eating meat as a child. to call us humans earthlings is a sick joke. our cultures are feasting on our fellow earthlings, when all their suffering could be stopped if we all just ate a vegan diet!!! As sad as it is, I believe that it is too late for the meat and dairy industry because there are already more cows then humans, what would we do with them all?? But as for the fish and our oceans, we CAN fix that.
    What I can not understand, is why most are ignorantly turning a blind eye to the truth we all know?????