Drop in the Ocean?

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Discussion on the threat of climate change and how it affects Ireland, featuring Ireland’s leading scientists and environmental activists.

Year: 2015

Category: Environment
  • Frank Dalla

    So what will it take for people to accept the facts and get involved? I think it will take drastic hardship, and the tragic deaths of millions to get the message through… Until whole populations begin to suffer, there will not be agreement, and by then, it may be far too late to have any success with emergency programs that should have been implemented decades ago… The human inclination to conduct business as usual for the sake of making money will eventually present a toll that is going to be impossible to pay. As smart as human’s are, there is still a large volume of stupidity that exists Worldwide. I feel fortunate that I am nearing the end of my own lifespan so that I probably will not see the worst of what is inevitable. That being said, death to the point of near extinction for humanity and all other life on Earth, will have the effect of finally removing class distinction, and force cooperation among everyone left standing. Good Luck.