Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret

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An investigation into the detrimental impact of animal agriculture on our environment and why environmental organisations are reluctant to discuss it.

Year: 2014

Category: Environment
  • Joab

    The farmers : We are in the meat industry because we love animals!
    Me : Ok, I think you need to see a specialist.

  • diogo mafra


  • Ryan Rodriguez Williams

    Its almost like they have subliminally turned the blame on us,all these campaigning adverts,to recycle and separate the trash,they keep saying we need to be doing this,we need to be doing that,in doing this it creates a sort of togetherness,you know,we humans need to stick together kind of thing,but in reality what is really happening,they are just making us blind in doing so we are turning the wrong way,so there multi billion pound businesses can continue to grow unscathed and can keep doing so invisibly