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Blackfish tells the story of Tilikum, a captive orca whale that has been involved in the deaths of several people, including its trainer at SeaWorld. The documentary exposes the ill-treatment of orcas in captivity and issues within the sea-park industry.

Year: 2013

Category: Nature
  • The Necromancer

    What really disturbs me is that some of these people recounting these horrible stories have giant-ass smiles on their faces while they re-tell them. Like the bitch at 20 minutes in. She’s talking about some poor woman being dragged down her death and she has the widest most “Shit eating” grin ever.

    • Van

      She is smiling because that is how she deals with tragic and painfull memories. Just look close and good at her face. That is nog a normal smile. Some people smile because they dont know how to act or react in a situation like that. I dont understadnd you write down this reaction not even know the woman. Makes it clean for me that you dont know people and human feelings and reaction. And you just lashes out on that woman, saying hatefull words, makes me feel sorry for your ignorance and stupidity.

      • The Necromancer

        Lol i’ll say whatever i fucking feel like. And thats how she deals with pain and misery? Well as someone who works in the funeral buisness i sure hope her “special brand” of depression doesnt show up at a wake any time soon. Smiling in the face of tragedy isnt normal

        • Van

          Serious… This is your reaction? Pffff
          Something is really wrong with you.
          You are not normal.
          Cant believe i spend time on your comment.
          Wont happend again.

          • The Necromancer

            Lol nice spelling/grammar usage you dumb cunt

          • The Necromancer

            Btw being normal is for boring fucks

          • Guest

            “Smiling in the face of tragedy isnt normal”
            “being normal is for boring fucks”
            which is it hun you cant seem to make up your mind

          • joeseph McKule

            you’re analytical interpretation of the similarities of the two stamements makes no sense to the their relevance.
            Its like saying “I have a smelly cunt. So i must be a cunt”
            get em nercro-man

          • Frostice

            your statement “being normal is for boring fucks” just shows how poor your logic is and shows how you’re not in a state of normality.

  • Dani

    Very interesting and very beautiful, yet tragic. As a person who’s always had a deep love for marine life and animals in general I’m glad I’ve never supported Sea World.

  • Corinne

    The greed of humans and the denial by supporters is an abomination upon the Earth.

  • Debbie McBeth Bryson

    Such a sad Documentary. Very moving and so tragic. Whales and Dolphins are meant to be in the oceans……not in pools doing tricks for medicated fish. We humans need to smarten up in regards to our oceans and Nature on a whole.